About us

Thames Valley Civil Defence

This is the website for the Thames-Valley Combined Civil Defence Emergency Management Group. On  this site, you'll find out about the hazards in our region that may affect you, how to prepare for and survive an emergency situation and how we can work together to get life back to normal.

The Thames-Valley Combined Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, which is made up of three Councils and districts:

The three Councils are working together in the area of emergency management and share resources and costs.

The Group is responsible for developing and maintaining an organisation able to prepare for, respond to, and assist the recovery of, communities affected by an emergency.

The unit also provides support to the Thames Valley Combined District Civil Defence Committee and the Thames Valley Rural Fire Districts Committee.

The staff and headquarters are based in Thames at the Council offices on Mackay Street.

Waikato Regional Civil Defence

The Thames-Valley Group is part of the Waikato region's Civil Defence structure. Find out more about the Waikato Regional Civil Defence and Emergency Group.